Shoulder Flexibility

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Shoulder flexibility.


Flexibility in the shoulder joint.
Test Description
The athlete holds a rope with both hands and moves the rope from the ventral side to the side of the back with stretched arms at all time. At the next attempt, the athlete tries to make a movement with the hands closer to one another. This is repeated until the athlete can no longer execute the movement correctly.
Athlete’s Guidance
Hold the rope with both hands and move it with stretched arms from the ventral side to the side of the back. After the first attempt, you place your hands closer to one another and try it a second time. If you think you are able to do this with the hands even closer, you may try this.
Points of Interest Test Leader
  • Arms remain stretched
  • Number of attempts as desired
  • With every attempt, the athlete places his hands closer to one another until the shortest distance is reached at which the athlete can bring the rope backwards with stretched arms.
Mark Determination
The shoulder limberness is marked in centimetres with an accuracy of 1 cm. The test leader measures the distance between the hands after every attempt. The shortest distance of the attempts is noted.
  • Rope
  • Tape measure
  • Optional: Non-elastic measuring tape


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