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Curl-Ups Test


Core strength
Test Description
The athlete starts in the supine position with knees angle of 90° and feet flat on the ground. The arms are extended and point toward the knees. At the start signal, the athlete tries to touch as much as possible the hand of the test leader within 30 seconds. The hand of the test leader is placed above the knees of the athlete. After hitting the hand, the athlete must always touch the ground with the shoulders. When the execution is not correct, no point is awarded.
Athlete’s Guidance
Lie on your back, bend your knees 90° and place your feet flat on the ground. Stretch your arms and point them to your knees. I hold my hand obove your knees. The purpose is that you perform as many curl-ups as possible in 30 seconds. The shoulders must always return the ground and both hands must touch my hand. An incorrect execution will not be counted.
Points of Interest Test Leader
  • Check the starting position
  • Place your hand above the athlete’s knees
  • The athlete is given some trial attempts
  • Check if the knee angle stays in a 90° position
  • Tap the hand of the test leader
  • Shoulders have to touch the ground
  • Count aloud the correctly perfomed curl-ups
Mark Determination
The number of correctly performed curl-ups within a time of 30 seconds.
  • Mat
  • Stopwatch


Instruction sheet

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