Standing Broad jump

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Standing broad jump


Explosive strength
Test Description
The athlete stands barefoot behind the zero line with the feet slightly open. The athlete jumps as far as possible. He has 2 attempts, the best of which is noted. When falling backwards, the attempt is not taken into account and the athlete gets a new attempt.
Athlete’s Guidance

Stand with your toes just behind the zero line. Try to jump as far as possible and try to land in balance. On kicking, bend through the knees and use a good arm swing. You get two attempts and the best one is noted.

Points of Interest Test Leader
  • Toes behind the zero line
  • Landing in balance
  • Attempt with loss of balance to the back results in a new attempt
  • 2 attempts
  • best of 2 attempts is noted
Mark Determination
The long jump is marked is centimetres with an accuracy of 1 cm. The best result of both attempts is noted.
  • Rollable landing mat with standard measuring scale
  • Optional: Slipfree hard surface with measuring tape and chalk (e.g. judo mat)

Instruction sheet

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