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In the SportKompas I-LIKE test, the Sporti figure asks questions about the movement preferences of the athlete/child. That way the children can discover their favorite sports.
The I LIKE is polling for the sporting preferences of the child. Each child answers the questions individually. On opening the test link, you will normally see the names of the children participating in the SportKompas test, so the children must first click their own name before they can start with the questions. Each question shows the Sporti figure performing an activity (for example dancing, walking, swimming, kicking, ...). The children must indicate for each activity how much they like it with the help of the smileys. The smileys are sorted from sad (left) to happy (right). For example, when they like to dance, they choose the happy smiley on the right and vice versa. Some questions have two options (for example indoor versus outdoor sports, alone vs. in a group, contact vs. no contact, ...). They should fill the heart according to which activity they prefer, so a fuller heart indicates that they prefer that activity to the other option.
At the end (after choosing the right space suit 😉) the children get to see the sports they would like to do according to their answers on the I LIKE test. These are their 'sports planets'. In addition to the results of the I DO where they gain insight into what they can do well, they also get insight into what they would like!

Sample questions

Sample question: Sprint
Two options: Outside versus inside

Sample report

Public version

There is a public version available in different languages where you can try out the I Like app
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