Import athletes and groups

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  • Download the csv or excel file
import athletes template.csv
import athletes template.xlsx
  • Complete the file with new athletes and possibly associated groups
  • Important:
    • the order of the columns (cf column letter),
    • the fields indicated with '*' are required,
    • the format of the fields, as indicated at Gender and Date of birth
Column Field Description Example
A UID (optional) Unique ID of the athlete e.g. SN00001
B Name * Lastname of the athlete e.g. Goossens
C Firstname * Firstname of the athlete e.g. Robin
D Email (optional) Email address of the athlete. e.g.
E Gender * Gender of the athlete options: Male or Female
F Date of birth Day * (1-31) Day of the month of birthday e.g. 18
G Date of birth Month * (1-12) Month of the birthday e.g. 3
H Date of birth Year * (JJJJ) Year of birthday e.g. 2010
I Group (1) (optional) Group assigned to the athlete e.g. Sportaholic Class 2 (2019-2020)
J Subgroup (1) (optional) Sub-group assigned to the athlete
(*) Required field

(1) Group and sub-group are created below the level at which the import takes place. Usually group is sufficient.

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