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Digital Platform
enables you to add and follow up test sessions and athletes.
In a later phase it will become possible to add and manage test sets yourself.


Production environment


The digital platform groups content per organization.
Each organization has a unique set of test sets, sessions and athletes.
To log in to the platform you need a user account, which gives access to a one or more organizations.
Structure digital platform


On a desktop computer on the left a taskbar is displayed. At mouse-over, the icons in the taskbar are further supplemented with text. The organization and the logged-in user are displayed at the top. This includes a main page and a detail page . The main page and the detail page can be displayed 'vertically' below each other or 'horizontally' next to each other.

Main and detail page displayed vertically.
Main and detail page displayed horizontally.


General Settings

General settings for the organization: name, location, logo, contact person

Manage users

Users can log in to the Digital platform and perform the tasks for which the rights have been granted.

Manage sub-organizations

An organization can have several sub-organizations.


Athletes take tests in a session. Athletes can be organized into groups. This way you can easily assign several athletes to a session.

First think about a good group structure.
Add the groups and sub-groups.
Add the athletes to the desired group.


A test set is taken from one or more athletes during a session. By selecting a group, multiple athletes are assigned to a session at the same time.

You can launch the app for this session from the digital platform or copy a URL to the session and send it to the Testers


The results of different athletes can be compared with benchmarks, group averages, etc.